Our Story

Pitkin county dry goods was the brainchild of aspen entrepreneur don fleisher. The creator of many early aspen ski era businesses, including popular pizza and beer mecca, pinnochio's, and aspen's first live rock and roll nightclub, galena street east, he recognized aspen's need for a contemporary clothing store and opened pitkin county dry goods in 1969.

Among innovative ideas that first year, PCDG offered modified frye boots with vibram soles, hand-crafted leather belts, custom-made floral shirts, and in-house haircuts by Bernie, Aspen's first men's hairstylist.

Don was soon joined in 1970 by his younger brother David, who came to Aspen after a stint at a San Francisco knitting factory.  Falling in love with the retail clothing business, he soon took over merchandising and managing the store.

A year later, gina berko - an Aspen native and David's future wife - applied for a summer job. Falling in love with more than the clothing business, she joined PCDG full time after graduating from college.

Four store relocations, two daughters, and 48 years later, David and Gina are still running the family business, making it Aspen's second oldest retail store under continuous family ownership.

We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2019